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Share:ZSubscribe to ChannelsFollow the latest videos of your favorite sport. Just click buttons on any sport.1nullBam NyjahAs Nyjah Huston celebrated the release of his first DC Shoe signature model, friends and family came out to party and support the 18yearold skateboard phenom. Bam Margera made a cameo to congratulate Huston while also showing off his new face jewlery.2nullDC CakeA shoe made out of cake? That's what happens when DC throws you a party.3nullThe Roosevelt HotelAn grandiose NYJAH sign looms over the pool at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, celine handbag nordstrom
Calif.4nullStrubbing, Lenoce MoSanta Cruz Skateboards pro Justin Strubing, Jeff Lenoce and Huston's DC Shoes teammate Mike Mo enjoying the atmosphere.5nullDJ HedEven the DJs had their own personal photographers.6nullBehind The ScenesGavin Maloof, Element Skateboards CEO Johnny Schillereff and Rob Dyrdek enjoy the party.7nullLenoce LopezOGs of the skate scene Jeff Lenoce and Adrian Lopez came to show their support for Huston.8nullPool PartyAs the party progressed, the Roosevelt pool lit up with a DC logo projected from above.YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE.1JSo long and thanks for all the (Max) FishIconic NYC bar Max Fish  home to pro skaters, artists and neighborhood locals  waves goodbye to the Lower East Side with "End of Days"2JBristol GRC Round 5 photo galleryBrowse through our gallery from the Global Rallycross Championship Round 5 stop Saturday at Bristol Motor Speedway.